About Us

Welcome to Ash & Magnolia Boutique!

A boutique offering classy and fashionable clothing, as well as being comfortable and trendy at a gorgeous price!

You may wonder, "Why the name Ash and Magnolia Boutique?" Well, first, Ash is a play on my name, Ashlie, and my nickname. But another reason for Ash is based on my love for nature. Nature blesses us with the beautiful Ash tree, the majestic magnolia tree, and even an Ashe Magnolia tree! I adore nature and love being outside enjoying the world God created for us. I wanted the name to reflect the elegance of nature.
Then, "Why Magnolia? What does it mean?" you may ask. To me, as one of my favorite trees, the Magnolia tree is a representation of beauty in many different ways. It is a beauty in nature with its broad, dark green leaves and large flowers that come in so many colors. So many different and magnificent species of the magnolia tree represent the uniqueness in us all.
Secondly, it is an icon for my southern roots, of which I'm very appreciative and proud. The magnolia tree reminds me of sitting on the front porch in a rocking chair or a porch swing with some lemonade or sweet tea, blessing y'alls hearts, and talking about the next thing you'll cook in your cast iron skillet for supper. I enjoy those wonderful moments.
Also, the Magnolia tree has beauty in strength and a long life. My college studies in Biology taught me that the Magnolia is one of the oldest known species of trees. Its flowers have actually been discovered in fossils. The Magnolia tree is considered one of the sturdiest, strongest, long-lasting trees. Its wood is hard, and the flowers are soft to the touch yet sturdy. Its hard wood is a beautiful cream color and sometimes used to make different wood crafts and decor. 
And lastly, the Magnolia's flower is a representation of beauty in femininity. It is representation of all women who are beautiful and strong in their own unique way! We, as women, all have different and unique gifts and talents we are blessed with. No matter who we are, what we do, or where we live, we need to share our gifts and talents with others. 
My goal with this boutique is to make you beautiful just like the magnolia tree. To be a woman who is confident enough in her appearance to go out into the world and share the gifts and talents you have with others. Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote, “Never lose an opportunity of seeing anything that is beautiful; for beauty is God’s handwriting." As in the magnolia blossom and in us as women, it is easy to see God’s handwriting and not difficult at all to sense the presence of God. 
It is only by God's grace and blessings that this boutique is possible. 
May God bless you and thank you for visiting my store! 
Ashlie Lambert
Owner of Ash & Magnolia Boutique